About The Arts Program

Since opening to the public in 2016, Rivers of Steel Arts has collaborated on creative projects for more than twenty-five local and regional communities, featured the work of over 150 local artists, and engaged nearly 25,000 members of the community through free and low-cost creative experiences.

metal arts participants handling a large bull ladle

Our Mission

Rivers of Steel Arts celebrates creative inquiry by crafting opportunities to interpret the region’s past, reimagine its future, and explore a sense of place. Through exhibitions, festivals, workshops, tours and happenings, Rivers of Steel Arts helps individuals connect with their communities in meaningful ways.

Community, Arts and Heritage

Rivers of Steel’s Art Program is designed to leverage the arts and creative placemaking as a bridge that supports heritage preservation and community development across its eight-county National Heritage Area.  Through innovative programs that focus on the intersection of these three factions, Rivers of Steel Arts continues to expand the boundaries of historical interpretation and help local communities leverage their shared identity into shared prosperity.

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image featuring sophia sobers installation for alloy pittsburgh and the carrie deer sculpture

Meet Our Team

Rivers of Steel has a dedicated team of working artists and arts organizers who bring passion to their work and enjoy the many ways in which the organization makes a positive impact on the region.  Connect with us!

Chris McGinnis

Chris McGinnis

Director of Rivers of Steel Arts

Ed Parrish

Ed Parrish

Metal Arts Coordinator & Furnace Master

Shane Pilster

Graffiti Arts and Outreach Coordinator; Graffiti Arts Curator

Paige Henry

Paige Henry

Assistant Maintenance Manager & Assistant Metal Arts Coordinator