Student Programs at the Bost Building and Pump House

Battle of Homestead: Conflict & Cooperation and the American Labor Story

Grades: 6–8 | Program Length: 2 Hours | Cost: $10/Student

Availability: January–April

Students gain a nuanced understanding of the conflict of 1892 through guided inquiry and the review of primary and secondary source documents housed in Rivers of Steel’s archives at the Bost Building National Historic Landmark. By differentiating between fact and opinion, and multiple points of view, students will extrapolate how conflict and cooperation in the steel industry of the late 1800’s impacted the American labor story. Program includes a tour of the Bost Building, which served as the headquarters for the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers during the 1892 Homestead Lockout and Strike.

Additional Add-on: 

Tour the historic Pump House, a focal point of the 1892 battle and also a vital component of the water system which provided the 7,000,000 gallons of water per day required for mill operations.

Additional $3/Student  |  Program Length: 30 Minutes

one-story brick building

The Historic Pump House

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