Exhibitions at the Bost Building

Rivers of Steel is home to an extensive archival collection related to Big Steel and its associated industries. Collections include art, artifact, documents, photographs, and audio-visual materials.

Objects range from massive machinery, such as the 48” Universal Plate Mill currently housed at the Carrie Blast Furnaces, to the smallest ephemera, such as a worker’s pay stub.

In the galleries, guests can explore permanent exhibits on the U.S. Steel Homestead Steel Works, the 1892 Homestead Lockout and Strike, and a chronicle of the restoration of this National Historic Landmark, as well as take in temporary exhibits that draw from the resources in the archives.

Flow from the Furnace

Temporary Exhibition—May 20, 2022 through October 29, 2022

There is a mystique to the Carrie Blast Furnaces. The awe it inspires and power it exudes goes beyond its historical significance—it is an inspiration. Flow from the Furnace, a new exhibition at the Bost Building, is a response to this phenomenon. Learn more.

Details of artworks by Curtis Reaves, Conor Clarke, Rhiannon Scheidt, Katy DeMent, & Kemist.

The Restored Rooms

Permanent Exhibition

The Bost Building was built in 1892 as a hotel and served as the temporary headquarters for the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers during the Homestead Lockout and Strike. Two rooms in the building have been restored to the way they looked in 1892, with original floorboards and period reproduction wallpaper. One room tells the story of the Homestead Strike; the other is currently hosting a selection of items previously included in the From the Vault exhibition.


The Homestead Room

Permanent Exhibition

The Homestead Room is a permanent exhibit displaying artifacts and art work specifically related to the Homestead Works. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a 23.5′ long model of the Homestead Works that originally stood in the General Office Building of the mill.

Guests in the Battle of Homestead Room

Visitors in one of the restored rooms

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