Finding inspiration in the most unlikely places, Rivers of Steel workshops offer engaging ways to explore southwestern Pennsylvania’s legacy of innovation and industrial might.

Transformational Experiences

For the creative and the curious, Rivers of Steel’s workshops are designed to foster new perspectives while providing opportunities to build skills, network with peers, and connect with southwestern Pennsylvania’s cultural and industrial heritage.

Inspired by the legacy of iron-making on the Carrie Furnaces site, Rivers of Steel’s Metal Arts program highlights the materials and process involved in creating molten iron. Artists, craftsmen, and apprentices work as a team, creating pieces that reflect form and function.

Cast some metalCast some metal

Rivers of Steel’s Graffiti Art programs draw inspiration from the underground culture of local graffiti writers, urban explorers, and guerrilla artists who animated the Carrie Blast Furnaces—and similar postindustrial sites—following the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s.

Get PaintingGet Painting

One of Rivers of Steel Arts’ most in-demand programs, Photo Arts workshops inspire novice and experienced photographers alike!

take a shottake a shot

From STEM-based Act 48 programs to heritage tourism seminars, Rivers of Steel provides a variety of opportunities for professional development and lifelong learning.

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Transformative experiences are at the core of Rivers of Steel’s mission. Plan an event for your team that encourages them to discover new perspectives and connect with one another in fresh ways.

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