Public Art

From pop-ups to permanent installations, Rivers of Steel works with artists and communities to create public works of art that reflect the character of the region—telling its stories and inviting dialogue—while offering vibrant reflections of our past and visions for the future.

Murals on a Mission

An Ongoing Partnership

Murals on a Mission is a project designed to energize communities through art. Based in New Kensington, PA, the partnership is using art to enhance the visibility of the city, create a sense of place—and destination, while adding color, vibrancy, and character to an urban environment.

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Yellow Dog

Installed at the Pump House in Munhall, PA in September 2019

To honor the steelworkers past and present, the Yellow Dog sculpture was developed through the collaborative efforts of sculptor Jim West, George Junior Republic’s Fine Arts program, and the welding program at the William H. Gladden Career and Technical Center on the campus of George Junior Republic.  The sacrifice of the steelworkers supported the development of the industrial revolution. Yellow Dog depicts both the silence and the rise of the collective voice of the steelworkers as they sought and fought for equity. Just as the steelworkers searched for their voice,  likewise the students of George Junior Republic search for their voice.

This is a project of the Mon Valley Valley Creative Corridor, an initiative developed by Rivers of Steel that aims to strengthen the economic and cultural vitality of the Monongahela Valley by fostering the creative economy, working together with creative professionals, enterprises, and communities to establish the region as a thriving destination—to live, work, and play.

Additional support for this project was provided by the James F. McCandless Trust for Charities (through the PNC Charitable Trust Grants Review Committee) and ELG Metals, Inc.

Welcome to Ohiopyle Mural

Debuted in Ohiopyle, PA on September 11, 2019

This colorful, large-scale artwork is at the base of the bridge that greets visitors as they enter from points north into to the town of Ohiopyle, PA. The 18-ft. high mural serves as a visual introduction to Ohiopyle State Park. It reflects the industrial heritage of the region, along with the natural history of the site and the recreational opportunities that is known for today.

The aerosol artwork was designed by Rivers of Steel’s Urban Art Coordinator, Shane Pilster, and completed by him with help from C. Clayton.

The project was co-funded by Ohiopyle State Park and the Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation. Ohiopyle is situated in Fayette County, one of the eight counties in the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area.

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