Visit, learn, and experience all five of the Rivers of Steel attractions that showcase the artistry and innovation of  southwestern Pennsylvania’s rich heritage.

Carrie Blast Furnaces

Towering 92 feet over the Monongahela River, constructed of 2.5″ thick steel plate and lined with refractory brick, Carrie Furnaces #6 and #7 are extremely rare examples of pre-World War II iron-making technology.

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Explorer Riverboat

Docked on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, near the headwaters of the Ohio River, an excursion on Explorer offers unparalleled opportunities to experience the beauty and history of Pittsburgh from its majestic rivers.

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The Bost Building

A National Historic Landmark, the Bost Building serves as the Visitors’ Center for the Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area and offers exhibits on the region’s industrial and cultural heritage.

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The Pump House

Once part of the U.S. Steel Homestead Works, the Pump House’s origins date back to 1892 when it was built by the Carnegie Steel Company. That same year it was the site of the Battle of Homestead, a defining moment in the nation’s labor history.

The Pump House

W.A. Young & Sons Foundry & Machine Shop

Built in 1900, the shop produced parts for steamboats, coal mines, railroads, and for local businesses. When it closed in 1965 the building was locked, leaving all of its tools, equipment, and machinery in place – a perfectly preserved representation of the transition from the 1800s village blacksmith to the large machine shops of the 1900s.

The Machine Shop

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