Creative Placemaking

Through the of preservation and promotion of our own heritage sites and by attracting visitors to the Heritage Area at large, Rivers of Steel’s heritage tourism programs showcase our region’s rich cultural and industrial legacy while creating a profound impact on the local economy.

Rivers of Steel Arts

Rivers of Steel Arts celebrates creative inquiry by crafting opportunities to interpret the region’s past, reimagine its future, and explore a sense of place.

Through exhibitions, festivals, workshops, tours, and happenings, Rivers of Steel Arts helps individuals connect with their communities in meaningful ways.

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A man photographs a graffiti wall.

A Mural at the Carrie Blast Furnaces

Mon Valley Creative Corridor

A recent initiative of Rivers of Steel, the Mon Valley Creative Corridor aims to strengthen the economic and cultural vitality of the Monongahela River Valley by fostering the creative economy, collectively working together with creative professionals, enterprises, and communities to establish the region as a thriving destination—to live, work, and play.

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