Team-Building Events

Rivers of Steel offers a variety of team building workshops, group tours, and experiences inspired by the region’s industrial heritage and creative spirit. Whether you want to travel the steel city by river aboard the Explorer or get your hands dirty in a workshop at the Carrie Blast Furnaces, we’ve got you covered with team building opportunities for groups of all sizes!

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team building workshop attendees hold their completed castings

Workshop participants hold up their completed aluminum castings.

Metal Casting Workshops

Get the ultimate Pittsburgh experience and melt some metal in the steel city!  Bring your group to the Carrie Blast Furnaces National Historic Landmark for an aluminum or bronze casting workshop that is sure to get the blood flowing. Participants have the chance to create their own unique design from scratch and learn how to capture that form in an open-faced sand mold.  Then suit up in leathers and help our professional foundry team cast your designs in solid metal. No prior experience is needed!

Custom Carbon

Build your own metal casting experience. Looking for something special?  Tell us what you have in mind and let’s make it happen!

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““I enjoyed every single part of the workshop SO MUCH! This was my first visit to the Carrie Furnaces and I loved learning about how Pittsburgh was shaped by the steel industry. I love team building activities where we actually get to build something as a team :D””

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visitors to the iron garden point out the mill in the background

Iron Garden Parties

Book your next outdoor event or party in Rivers of Steel’s Iron Garden!  Flanked by the massive industrial facade of the Carrie Furnaces, the Iron Garden is an intimate and charming green space celebrating the variety of natural growth returning to the former mill.

To book a garden party or special event contact or call 412.464.4020 ext. 232 for information.

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