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Looking to travel to southwestern Pennsylvania? Interested in experiencing all that our region has to offer?

Rivers of Steel Heritage Tours works with tour operators, conference planners, and pre-formed travel groups to organize single or multi-day itineraries who are looking to visit points of interest throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. Partnering with other attractions, hotels, eateries, and more, Rivers of Steel is a one-stop shop to package and book your inbound tours. We also offer local step-on guides, and of course are happy to arrange for you to visit our own attractions!

Contact Jaimie Hanson, our manager of tourism at jhanson@riversofsteel.com to get started planning your visit!

Forge a Path in Pittsburgh

Want to know why travel writers have piled their praises on Pittsburgh, calling it “America’s most underrated city,” (Harper’s Bazaar), “the next big thing,” (Andrew Zimmern), and “the coolest American city you haven’t been to,” (Huffington Post)? These tours will immerse you in everything that this vibrant and storied city has to offer!

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Cultural Explorations

Each evolution of the Pittsburgh region has added to its rich history and culture, making it a destination filled with educational and inspirational travel experiences today.

Explore Arts & Culture

Around the Region

Whether you plan to hub and spoke from Pittsburgh, or want to settle in to one of the many unique small towns in the region, Southwestern Pennsylvania is a place like no other.

Go further afield

Local Legends

These tours celebrate the big names and everyday people who’ve shaped the Pittsburgh region into the place it is today.

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Seasons in Southwestern Pennsylvania

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, the Pittsburgh region has it all! These tours embrace the beauty of all four seasons.

Celebrate the seasons

Student & Youth Travel

Student travel in the Pittsburgh region delivers vibrant, memorable experiences in an affordable and accessible setting, where there is always something more to explore. The region is rich in history, renowned for its cultural & performance venues, and at the forefront of the tech industry.

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