Heritage Tourism

Through the of preservation and promotion of our own heritage sites and by attracting visitors to the Heritage Area at large, Rivers of Steel’s heritage tourism programs showcase our region’s rich cultural and industrial legacy while creating a profound impact on the local economy.

Heritage Sites

Over the years, Rivers of Steel has worked to insure the preservation of a number of heritage sites to ensure future generations have a connection to our region’s industrious past. Today, Rivers of Steel is a steward of four heritage attractions in southwestern Pennsylvania—three of which are recognized as National Historic Landmarks.

Our Heritage Sites

Carrie Furnaces with Mon River in foreground

The Carrie Blast Furnaces 

Rivers of Steel Heritage Tours

Rivers of Steel Heritage Tours is a heritage tourism program that markets to commercial tour operators, attracting group travelers to southwestern Pennsylvania and highlighting all that our region has to offer.

Through this program, Rivers of Steel partners with other attractions, hotels, eateries, and more to package inbound tours for national and international tour operators, in addition to promoting its own heritage sites.

In the industry, this business model is referred to as “receptive services” and it has been successful in helping Rivers of Steel raise the profile of our region while attracting tourism dollars to the local economy.

More About our Heritage Tours

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that showcase the artistry and innovation of our region’s rich heritage.