Student Programs on the Explorer Riverboat

Bridges of Pittsburgh

Grades: 3–6 | Program Length: 2 Hours | Cost: $13.50/Student

Availability: March–December

Observation, playful exploration and guided discussion help young students discover basic engineering principles while examining the details and designs of some of Pittsburgh’s most prominent bridges. Students compare various types of bridge structures, consider the durability of their construction materials, and participate in shared learning experiences, including model bridge building and river map navigation. This Explorer excursion on all three rivers is simply loaded with teachable moments!

he Explorer Riverboat cruising the river past the Carrie Blast Furnaces

The Explorer

Environmental Science on the Three Rivers

Grades: 4–12 | Program Length: 3 Hours | Cost: $15/Student
Availability: March–December

Starting with the construction of a hypothesis on the health of the rivers, students test their theory by applying scientific principles. Using living and nonliving indicators of water quality, students analyze and correlate their results with industrial and photographic records of the historical land use of Pittsburgh’s river valleys. The process serves as a springboard for exploring issues of current land use and river health, sustainability, and green design.

Classroom registration includes usage of the Captain’s Science Resource Chest and complimentary admission for the companion Act 48 workshop (one teacher included for every 30 registered students.)

PGH 101: An Intro to Innovation

Grades: 7–12 | Program Length: 1.5 Hours | Cost: $12/Student
Availability: March–December

Meticulously researched, this narrated sightseeing tour of the three rivers onboard Explorer introduces students to Pittsburgh’s legacy of innovation. Known as a modern tech and robotics hub, the ‘Burgh has been on the vanguard of industrial reinvention for over 250 years. Students hear how Pittsburgh’s challenging landscape, its wealth of natural resources, and the character of its residents have shaped the economy and technology of the region—all while taking in the beauty of our shores and skylines!

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