Virtual Arts Programs

THe 45 Carrie Deer Sculpture

Carrie in Context

Production may have stopped in 1982, but the era of Carrie Furnaces as an artistic muse was just beginning. In this virtual program adaptation, students will be challenged to analyze common themes through guided critical and aesthetic response to installation art and murals in this found community space.

Carrie in Context (Google Slides)
student scratch mold ws

Biometals Introduction

Combining two of Rivers of Steel’s most exciting assets, the Environmental Science program and the Metal Arts program, this STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) experience examines Pittsburgh’s river biology through the lens of the industrial arts. This intro video will get you started on the goals of the workshop.

Biometals Video (YouTube)

Aluminum Casting: Scratch Mold Tutorial

This video focuses on the basics of scratch mold design to provide students with a working knowledge of pattern making for casting forms in molten aluminum.  Highlights of a recent metal pour are also showcase the casting process and finished product.

Scratch Mold Video (YouTube)
graf demo

Graffiti Arts Worksheets and Video Tutorials

These worksheets and companion video tutorials explore the basics of creating graffiti-esque “type,” or font, to provide students with access to a unique and descriptive art form that combines imagery and lettering. Each worksheet offers tools appropriate for both the beginner and advanced artists to express themselves through words in a creative and visually dynamic manner. These worksheets can be easily completed with materials found in either the home or classroom.

Graffiti Arts Curriculum (weblink)

This video playlist features tutorials on the basics of graffiti lettering, alphabet lettering, and drop shadow lettering.

Video Tutorial Playlist (YouTube)

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