What We Do

Rivers of Steel Arts has three areas of focus that include the Metal Arts, highlighting the field of foundry work; the Graffiti Arts, drawing inspiration from the underground culture of local graffiti; and the Heritage Arts, which celebrates the many forms of cultural heritage and occupational traditions found throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

Rivers of Steel Arts programs are predominantly based at the Carrie Blast Furnaces National Historic Landmark in Rankin , Pennsylvania.  However additional exhibits, festivals and events are produced each year with partners throughout the region to celebrate the industrial arts, american crafts and Pittsburgh’s legacy of innovation.

Metal Arts

Explore workshops and team-building opportunities that focus on foundry work at the Carrie Blast Furnaces.  We have hands-on opportunities for both youth and adults to get involved at the novice, intermediate and experienced skill levels.

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Graffiti Arts

Explore hands-on workshops, community events and school programs focusing on the art of graffiti.  Discover public artworks throughout the region created by local artists working with Rivers of Steel Arts.

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Heritage Arts

One of fourteen Pennsylvania Folk Arts Partners, Rivers of Steel helps maintain the vital presence of local cultural traditions that have shaped southwestern Pennsylvania.

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such as tours, workshops, and festivals happening at each unique attraction.