Metal Arts Workshops

Inspired by the legacy of iron-making on the Carrie Furnaces site, Rivers of Steel’s Metal Arts program highlights the materials and process involved in creating molten iron. Artists, craftsmen, and apprentices work as a team, creating pieces that reflect form and function. Whether the result is sculptural or industrial, each metal pour reflects the work that took place at Carrie Furnaces and enables visitors to enjoy an authentic, site-based experience.

Educational workshops offer hands-on opportunities for folks to get involved at the novice, intermediate, and experienced skill levels.

Team-building exercises recreate the camaraderie felt between fellow workers on the job.

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Metalworkers pouring molten metal

Iron Pour during the Festival of Combustion

Week-Long Iron Intensive

(Six-day workshop)
Monday – Saturday, September 23 – 28
Open hours: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

This six -day workshop features extended shop time onsite and in-depth instruction and/or assistance catered to the needs of each individual. Participants will have the chance to learn and experiment with multiple pattern-making materials and create multiple large and complex multi-part sand molds.

Prior experience or Intro to Iron Casting is recommended. Registration includes access to the Carrie Furnaces foundry daily between 10:00 am – 7:00 pm and the ultimate experience of participating in an iron pour from a coke fired cupola—just like the historic furnaces onsite!

Week-long Iron Intensive workshops include up to 400 lbs. of sand and corresponding chemical, waste removal and related foundry consumables. Sand and chemical needs beyond this allotted amount are available for $.30/lb.  A $25 Furnace Fee is required from each participant, along with any additional material fees, upon pick up of the final castings at the end of the workshop period. 

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two artists pour ladle of molten iron

Intro to Iron Casting

(Three-day workshop)
Thursday – Saturday, September 26 – 28
4:00 – 7:00 pm

Iron casting is a community workshop experience!

Intro to Iron Casting participants work with experienced Rivers of Steel teaching artists to learn the basics of foundry work and receive an overview of the iron casting process step by step. No prior experience necessary. This workshop covers multi-part mold and pattern design, lost- wax casting, resin-bonded sand molds and iron smelting. The course results in your own unique design cast in solid iron!

All workshop items are cast on Saturday during the day.

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hot aluminum poured into molds

Aluminum Casting Session

(One-day workshop)
Tuesday, August 13 | Tuesday, October 15
5:00 – 8:30 pm

This workshop is a great way to explore the metal casting process and try something new! No prior experience or artistic background necessary! Take a class with a friend; create a special gift or unique piece of art. Participants will learn how to create a unique pattern from everyday materials and invest this one-sided design in resin-bonded sand. Cast aluminum objects can be taken home at the end of the workshop.

Interested in a private workshop or group rates? Contact Chris McGinnis at 412. 464. 4020 x 253 or

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