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May 2, 2020 eNewsletter – A Legacy of Grit and Giving

By May 4, 2020Newsletters
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Giving Tuesday Now | May 5, 2020

Dear Friend of Rivers of Steel—

For thirty years, Rivers of Steel has been investing in our region’s communities. Our mission, in short, is heritage conservation and development that helps revitalize our communities—through heritage tourism, creative placemaking, community education and collaboration, and outdoor recreation.

The impact of our work is both broad and deep.

Throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, every dollar that we invest in the heritage of our communities has a return of at least five dollars. Through Rivers of Steel’s partnerships with other nonprofits, we are able to provide support with grant funding where our goals align. And through collaborative programming, we are able to amplify our combined reach. On the individual level, the tour guides, educators, and artists that we work with carry our stories and craft traditions to others, helping visitors and locals gain a greater sense of place—an understanding of our region’s legacy.

Rivers of Steel was born out of an economic crisis a generation ago. When the mills and mines closed and our communities needed help rebuilding, we found innovative ways to tell their stories, build up their main streets, transform landscapes from brownfields to recreational green space, and—perhaps most importantly—change perspectives about our communities and their future possibilities.

As we write this appeal for donations, we face a similar economic crisis resulting from a very different situation. We understand now is a time when many cannot afford to give, or that, as a donor, you may have other priorities. We understand. However, we also know that many still can donate. If that is you, please join me in supporting Rivers of Steel on May 5 for Giving Tuesday Now.

This special day of giving will provide critical support to organizations across the United States. Locally, your support of Rivers of Steel will, in turn, help us as we help others by continuing to support our region’s communities.

Moreover, your gift will be doubled. Rivers of Steel’s staff and Board of Directors are committed to matching each gift received on May 5, up to $5,000 .

And because the need in our communities is both staggering and unprecedented, we are taking this appeal one step further. So, in addition to the matched funds, your gift will do even more. In the name of Rivers of Steel, I will personally donate an amount equal to 10%, or up to $1,000, of what Rivers of Steel receives during this Giving Tuesday Now event to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. We are all in this together!

As neighbors in southwestern Pennsylvania, we look out for one another and are as giving as we are hardworking. Many of us can remember the days in the late-1970s and 1980s when we all faced hard times but we all came together. Today, a similar challenge is before us. If you can give, but can only support one organization, we ask that you choose one that provides food, safety, shelter, medical or health support to those with the greatest needs. If you can give more, we hope you will also consider Rivers of Steel. Times may be hard right now, but we will endure with support from one another.

Thank you, and please be safe!


August R. Carlino
President and Chief Executive Officer
Rivers of Steel Heritage Corporation